Data Product Manager with Analyst skillset

With a robust technical foundation, my expertise in SQL, data cleaning, and analysis has been pivotal in my roles as a Product Manager. My solid understanding of how to pull, analyze, and manipulate data allows me to effectively collaborate with data analyst teams or work with data independently. All this enabled me to facilitate data-informed decision-making and focus on consistently delivering measurable results.

In my over 15 years in technology, I've worked with various SQL databases (PostgreSQL, AWS Aurora, BigQuery) and NoSQL databases. And, of course, Excel. My primary responsibilities have revolved around identifying necessary data, cleaning data, and creating data visualization to facilitate exploratory analysis, hypothesis validation, or tracking KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

My expertise also extends to product data instrumentation. I have repeatedly engaged with diverse platforms, including Snowflake and various third-party tools like MixPanel, Google Analytics, and FullStory while leading a few instrumentation initiatives.

In the Machine Learning space, I have actively led a few projects focused on predictive modeling and classification for the logistics industry. These projects predominantly utilized supervised learning methodologies, requiring rigorous data preparation and cleaning to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the models.

Data Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Certifications: PMI PMP, PMI-PBA, Scrum Master, and Product Lead.
  • Expertise in SQL query optimization for PostgreSQL, BigQuery, and similar databases.
  • Data visualization via Metabase, Looker, Tableau.
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Data Analysis

With a solid tenure in product management since 2013, my technical background forms the cornerstone of my ability to collaborate effectively with engineering teams, manage technical partnerships, and understand the needs of developer clients, particularly in SaaS environments focusing on APIs and other technical solutions.