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The Devastating Results of a Poorly Managed Product

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a fairy tale. Over the years, I came across many clients who had their own “multi-million dollar idea” but found themselves hitting a dead-end. The classic enthusiastic project start with a tragic ending.


So, How Do Things Turn into a Nightmare?

At first glance, everything seems to be in place for them to make a killing right off the bat.

And then they launch… What was supposed to be an exhilarating moment becomes a disappointment. Nothing happens! No leads, no sales, no users. Nada. What a disaster after months of relentless work.

Seeing how things go downhill, they start thinking about solutions. Perhaps the killer feature that they have in the pipeline for their next release will save the project.

A few weeks or even months later… They’re ready to roll out their next version. “Here we go, let’s kill it.” And yet another disappointment, merely a sale or two. Oh man! Now, it’s a nightmare.

What Are They Supposed to Do Now? Give up or Find Real Solutions

The solution doesn’t have to be complicated. It should be simple.

Often, going back to the fundamentals can go a long way. You would be surprised to see how many products fail simply because they lack a clear understanding of what their users genuinely want.

  1. Icon Is your product stuffed with useless features?
  2. Icon Are your users understanding how your product should be used?
  3. Icon Are you the perfectionist type that keeps holding back the release instead of launching and collecting user feedback?
  4. Icon Looking to take your existing product to a whole new level?

My job is to turn this “puzzle” into simple and straightforward processes for your team to follow.

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Creating Products That Really Sell

Taking over insanely competitive markets with a product users want and love is not an easy task.

You need the right person to do this well. Not someone who will only write user stories and prepare sprints. Demand someone who gets all of it - software development, product, marketing and sales. Someone who has the talent and drive to help your team get the upper hand on your rivals and make them feel like they got punched in the face right from the moment you publish your product.

I could lead your team as soon as tomorrow.

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A Few Things I Can Do For You

(From My List of 162+)

Research the market and gather essential information to ensure that your idea is worth gold before you invest further. Read more
MVP is like glorified experiment - thinking of assumptions, defining success criteria, and learning from the results while making sure results are reliable and not bias. I can lower your development cost by validating your assumptions. Read more
Prepare complete set of specifications, wireframes, user stories, roadmap to turn your idea into a product. Read more
Break your funnel apart, analyze the metrics and provide step-by-step guidance to your teams on how to optimize it. Read more
Cheer you up with 3 jokes that my grandma told me (And she was funny as hell!)

Talk Is Cheap. It’s All about Results.

If I Don’t Deliver the Following Then Fire Me:

  1. Icon Revenue growth
  2. Icon Increased profit margins
  3. Icon Tailor-made products
  4. Icon Improve your vision and focus on your operation
  5. Icon Better sleep (I can’t guarantee I’ll make it longer)
  6. Icon Long-term success or rapid failure recovery
  7. Icon Help your business reach new heights

My 8 Golden Rules for Product Management

  1. Icon Be brutally honest
  2. Icon Start with the end in mind
  3. Icon Success is measurable, no guessing allowed
  4. Icon Know your funnel inside out and never stop optimizing it
  5. Icon Iterate on it, until you get it right
  6. Icon Track, track, track! Data is king
  7. Icon Done is better than perfect
  8. Icon 80/20 Rule

Words From Happy Clients:

Woha You’ll Make Me Blush, Did You Really Scroll All the Way Down? I’m Flattered…

There’s nothing special to see here. I guess the only reason why you’re here is that I caught your interest, and you’re really serious about making your product succeed.

Go ahead, take the next step. I’m confident that within minutes of talking to me, you will know your product will be in good hands. Previous clients called me “Slav the almighty product manager,” and that’s for a good reason.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your idea or if your current team is lacking any guidance, data, or tools to make your product progress at exponential speed. I can help.

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