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PRD Specifications, Product artefacts, and More

Product artefacts

Product managers create multiple outputs. Some of the most common are: Product Requirement Documents (PRD) or Software Requirements Specification (SRS), user stories, wireframes, product roadmaps & release plans, customer personas & journeys, metrics & tracking objectives. I'm sharing some of them that I had created over the years.

PRD Specification #1

Admin panel requirements created for one of my clients. Specifications are early, as it gets filled with more requirements during client interviews & research.


PRD Specification #2

Specification for a weekly billing summary email for a Multi-Market system.


Journey Map

Is a visualization of the process that a user goes through to accomplish a goal. It often shows thoughts, emotions, and pain points.
The linked example shows a general process for car dealership experience a product service - "Referral Engine."



A wireframe prototype of the back office system for a gym listing website.



Initial wireframes of a reports management system for SaaS in the security sector.



Optimizations are the right mix of know-how ti run experiments, a set hypothesis based on metrics or expert judgment, know how to prioritize based on impact, and measure outcomes.


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