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Discovery call


Discovery session is a 30 mins call where we discuss your business case and explore the ways I can help you. It is not binding in regards to making any further commitments, so feel free to use the opportunity for some free tips and a potential game changer cooperation.

Test Drive

$ 1.500

If you already have a running business but want to improve your product - be more conversations, fewer frictions, or else, then this package is a useful program to achieve it in 4 weeks. Includes four weekly an hour calls between which we both do our homework: I examine the problem (for example, I take a look at your Trello board), and you experiment with my tips.

Hire me

$ 110 hry

If you want to engage in a long term basis, my suggestion would be to start a T&M contract, where I focus on your problem and help your product grow faster.


Most common questions I receive.
90% of my clients are US-based. I usually overlap my working hours up to 2:00 - 3:00 PM Pacific Time. I speak English fluently, and I'm proactive in my communicate, so there are no blockers when I'm not available.
Yes, I have a registered company, from which I invoice my clients. I also have ACH, and IBAN bank accounts for your ease.
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