I actively advise companies in the SaaS B2B/B2B2C realm and marketplace models while specializing my services towards Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Product-Led sales enablement growth motions.
I aim to assist businesses in making informed decisions and achieving their specific strategic growth objectives through my guidance.

Advisor at


I am available for advisory engagements requiring at least one hour per week, spanning at least six months. The rationale for setting a 6-month minimum is to ensure ample time to make a meaningful impact on your business as a consultant.

My time is utilized only towards live meetings, while asynchronous tasks, such as preparation time, Slack discussions, and email correspondences, all of which are encompassed within the hourly rate.


The compensation structure is typically cash (monthly retainer) and/or sweat equity - depending on your case.

How it works

As your advisor, I collaborate closely with the person or team responsible for a specific strategic initiative. The focus is on a particular area or key metrics that require improvement. From my experience, most B2B SaaS companies fall into one of three categories:

  • Moving downmarket from a sales-led approach to a self-serve model - expanding revenue from a new segment of smaller SMBs.
  • Initiating a PLG motion, having shown promising product-market fit (PMF) signals and aiming to drive further growth through it.
  • Enhancing an existing PLG strategy where the company needs assistance filling gaps and critique current workflows.

Depending on the needs and context, a co-creating plan is created on how to reach the desired impact. A series of WoW (Week-Over-Week) meetings to help with success and keep the team responsible for success.


As your advisor, I will maintain a connection with you in two primary ways:

  • Video Calls: We will establish a regular Week-Over-Week meeting cadence.
  • Asynchronous Communication: Via Slack or Email, I will answer all your questions or provide feedback based on our video call discussions. I typically review and respond to all such communication once per day.


As your advisor, you can expect me to:

  • Assist in identifying the most impactful goals and objectives.
  • Help in formulating a plan to achieve the objectives.
  • Help in formulating a plan to achieve the objectives.

However, it's important to note that advisory is not an operational role.


Q: Why is the minimum engagement period six months?

Engagements of a shorter duration aren't ideal as they limit the time available to plan initiatives, execute them, iterate as needed, and conclude with valuable insights and lessons learned. Short-term advisory engagements typically do not deliver high-value returns for businesses. An annual engagement is ideal as it allows me to provide more substantial and effective support, fostering continuous learning and growth.

Q: How to terminate?

I’m not a fan of blocking the exit, this is why I think flexible termination is a must. If it’s not working for either side, better to part ways. Either party can terminate the agreement within 7-day notice.

Q: Can we pay only in equity?

Yes, advisory can be only equity, but this means no clift period and monthly vested period. If equity has a strike price, it should come with an extended exercise window of 5 years+.