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About me

The goal of this page is know a bit more about me, how you can work with me and set expectations. Keep reading.
Random things about me
  • I answer to Stanislav, Slav, the occasional Slava, "hey you," or any other nickname you see fit.
  • My family is my wife, Simona, and my girl - Anika (1).
  • If I had nothing to do, I would spend my time sailing, drinking wine & reading.
  • I went to University to become a software engineer, but after 5-6 years into it, I saw that management is way more exciting, as well as I do not have the nerve to sit and code all day long anymore.
  • I work remotely from 2005, and it significantly shaped how I work.
  • I'm focused on results, and most of the time, it is a messy process, so I might not always seem like a well-organized person.
  • I'm more of a picture person - I like to draw, create mindmaps for myself to help me out, but I'm not words person.
  • Sometimes when I'm in a heist, I do not communicate the best way possible. I'm aware of it, and I try to keep it in check.
  • I'm focused more on that 80% that gets done with 20% of effort, rather always be 100% perfect.
Me and my family
My Schedule

Been located in Europe, I usually start work around 8:00 AM UTC and stop work around 10:00 PM UTC. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I go for a gym training, and pushed my starting time roughly at 10:00 AM UTC. I will always be unavailable from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM as this is the time I have dinner with my family.

I am also generally online all the time, so I do not mind getting notifications or messages late at night. I answer them as soon as I'm available. I also prefer to have Friday free of meetings, as I try to get more work done or wrap up the week.

My Rules

I follow a set of rules in life, as well as in work that helps me grow, expand, but also help me set expectations early on.

  • Be brutally honest
  • Start with the end in mind
  • Success is measurable, no guessing allowed
  • Know your funnel inside out and never stop optimizing it
  • Iterate on it, until you get it right
  • Track, track, track! Data is king
  • Done is better than perfect
  • 80/20 Rule

When there is a complex problem, I like to simplify it first - break it down it multiple sub-items. In case smaller problems can be clearly defined, are worth solving, and we have enough data to back us, I move forward with to problem-solving phase.

I also understand that there are cases where data cannot be collected, or it is biased. For those cases, I prefer to move forward to quick decision solving the immediate problem while providing more inputs. In the next iteration, armed with deeper problem understanding, a better fix can be applied.

Before we address any problem, I want to understand better if it is worth solving. Meaning all issues should be related to business metrics or goals. And be prioritized based on those. Any feature launch should also include a plan on how to measure success.


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